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Lukashenko explains appointment of Vitaly Vovk as presidential aide


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko explained the reasons of the appointment of Vitaly Vovk as the Aide to the President of the Republic of Belarus – Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast, BelTA informs.

"Vitaly [Vovk], you should know that there will be much talking everywhere. Some people will be happy, others will be disappointed," the president said. "But remember that Orsha will remain a priority for you. This is your zone of responsibility. And I think in this position you will have an opportunity to take many issues under control, help solve problems and organize things. The main thing is to use experience there."

"After the appointment you should do your best to implement the president's resolutions in Vitebsk Oblast and fulfill your duties regardless of any opinions. Yes, there is a governor with his own tasks in Vitebsk Oblast. Help him if you can and monitor the fulfillment of all instructions regarding the development of Vitebsk Oblast," the Belarusian leader emphasized.

The head of state said that the post of a presidential aide is equal to a minister, and the post of an inspector is even higher because inspectors are in charge of personnel issues. "It seems that the Presidential Administration has finally realized what personnel work means. I hope for it. Therefore, we need to pay attention to Vitebsk Oblast. It is essential to create a personnel pool there without waiting for other people from Minsk Oblast or Minsk to come and work in Vitebsk Oblast," the president said.

"I think this work will not be difficult for you with your experience. You used to be a good director of an enterprise [Vitaly Vovk worked as the director of Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant from September 2011 till December 2014]. A very good plant and a very smart person. And now you should do your best for the benefit of Belarus. This is very important for me. It is easy to lose a specialist and very difficult to find or train a new specialist of this caliber. This is an open and honest answer," Alexander Lukashenko said.

"I do not have any doubts that you have a good head on your shoulders," the Belarusian leader added.

The president remarked that certain errors made by Vitaly Vovk as a minister did not fully depend on the leader of the industry. "I think that was a lesson for you. And I think your work on this post (maybe not the last post) will benefit the country," he said.