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Jobs for all unemployed Belarusians by 1 May


All the jobless Belarusians must get jobs by 1 May. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions during the government conference held on 9 March to discuss topical aspects of the country's development, BelTA has learned.

The head of state said: "As far as people with an antisocial lifestyle are concerned, there are some drunkards and alcoholics, no offense, but they are definitely freeloaders. They must be forced to work. Those, who have lost their jobs due to misfortune, should get help not only from employment assistance agencies but government bodies, too."

"But people need to understand that it is primarily up to them to find a job. We can only help them. Everyone should get a job by 1 May," said Alexander Lukashenko. "Remember: regardless of the place and area I visit my aides will go there first and will publicly invite the unemployed to meet with me. God forbid there are unemployed people after 1 May."

Speaking about finding jobs for the unemployed, Alexander Lukashenko noted that, for instance, expensive machines are sometimes used in Minsk for sweeping city streets and other beautification tasks. The operation and maintenance costs greatly exceed the cost of manual labor. "It is necessary to find places people will be able to come to. It is necessary to set up brigades, groups, who will plant trees, build fences, do painting jobs, sweep streets, dig soil, and carry stuff and so on. Then we will find jobs for everyone," noted the head of state.

"I don't think it is true that it is impossible to find jobs for all the registered unemployed," underlined Alexander Lukashenko.